Writer’s Blockage

I hate that to be a writer you have to write. I have decided to try to deal with this cruel fact head on by blogging because writing just isn’t working. I’ve been trying to write for about 20 years now. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve written a bit here and there. A few short stories, a novel boasting two and a half chapters, scraps of writing exercises, endless journals filled with pathetic and repetitive dribblings. I even wrote a poem once. But despite the fits and starts, despite joining Writers Groups and buying cool pens and going to readings to get autographed first additions and subscribing to Poets & Writers and attending workshops at Sarah Lawrence and P-town and now and then even calling myself a writer, I don’t write. Not really. So I’m blogging, and God help the poor writer or nonwriter who wants to be a writer who might actually wind up reading this because it is going to be painful. I am plugged up and frustrated and full of self-loathing and half-stories and characters scratching from behind my eyeballs. I am sick of myself and my so-called muse and my sagging shelf of writing books–yes, they are all there–The Art of Fiction, Bird by Bird, Story, Forest Through the Trees, even Stephen King and Rita Mae Brown sit there smirking at me.  I used to relish trips to bookstores but I’m starting to feel like a sex offender lingering near the playground. So it’s time. Time to use this blogging thing like a plunger. (I will spare you and myself further simile or metaphor of bodily functions.)

I am going to assume, unlike most bloggers, that no one will read this. And I am going to blog every day if I can, until I can write.



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6 responses to “Writer’s Blockage

  1. swriter12

    Ha, I just started blogging everyday on WordPress as a way to help my writing. It sort of gets my juices flowing and allows me to vent frustrations in an anonymous way. Check out some of my posts, maybe I’ll have some tips on there to help you take your blogging and turn it into writing.

    • Thanks, I will do that. I am so new to this I barely know the difference between a tag and a category but I am hoping it pushes me to write. Now I have to figure out how to find your blog….

  2. swriter12

    From what I have found, and I’m new to this site as well, you click on the commentor’s name OR just go to http://www.writeorwrongthereisnotry.wordpress.com

  3. Ana

    I also write here and there. Blogging will hopefully keep me focused. I think the problem is we need to finish stuff! Even if it is crappy, take it to the end!

    • Yes! Finishing is the big problem!! That needs to be my new strategy–instead of jumping from piece to piece when the going gets tough I need to take it to the end. Wish me luck! And to you too!

  4. Jess

    Love the new blog! And don’t give up on the cool pens!

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