Fifty-Five But Who’s Counting

Today is my birthday. I’m not that fond of birthdays. I think it takes a certain amount of courage and energy and self-confidence to really enjoy your birthday, and in general I cannot muster all these things at the same time on any given day, let alone on a hot muggy day in August. But I’m pretty old. I’m not trying to be morbid but I do think I should take advantage of the fact that I’m still around and post something. Here’s what I thought about today.

1) I definitely look better in mirrors that are slanted forward. They hide my double chin and make my eyes look bigger. Maybe I should try to stand leaning forward (or maybe backwards?) to get the same effect.

2) Betsy Lerner has the same birthday as me. I find this remarkable. I’m a huge fan and read her blog religiously. If you’re a writer you will recognize yourself somewhere in Forest for the Trees. Buy the book, read her blog, like her, friend her, tweet her, build a shrine to her. You’ll thank me.

3) It’s getting harder to care about my day job.

4) I got calls, cards, and emails from friends who know me and love me beyond reason (you know who you are). This is such a gift. To have people in your life who know you in a way you barely know yourself. To realize there’s a piece of you out there walking around in someone else’s heart–that’s something worth having a birthday for.

5) This is a message from my dad–“Why the hell do you have a cell phone if you don’t answer it?! OK, Happy Birthday.”

6) The birthday cake: lemon strawberry. All you chocolate fiends are booing, I know, but it was delish. And it was vegan. I’m back to no dairy which is tragedy of Oedipal proportions but it had to happen. It’s been 13 days. They say you need to get to the 3 week mark and then it’s a piece of cake (vegan cake, of course). Had to go off my anti-inflammatory meds so I’m feeling pretty inflammatory. No dairy should help. But cheese-less pizza is like when my dog humps a stuffed animal–you just know it’s not the same.

7) It’s almost midnight. I made it through another one. I’m hoping to wake up tomorrow and face the next year with a little more stamina, a little more humor, a little more faith. I’ll keep you posted.



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10 responses to “Fifty-Five But Who’s Counting

  1. Happy Birthday! So glad you wrote about it. I’m so grateful for you. PS…Love your dad’s voicemail message!

  2. Happy Birthday! I’m 50 – running fast behind you, trying to catch up! 🙂 Sorry, I’m one of these crazy people who actually likes that gettin’ older thing! I also want to chase a tornado one day – yes I’m THAT type of crazy! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed your day. Hang in there with the vegan thing. I just became one – after veggin’ it out for 20-plus years – cut out all dairy and processed foods. Been two months now. Except for the occasional crave for a melted cheese-slathered veggie burger, I think I’m doing ok. (oh, Lord ….. cheeeeeese!)

  3. smerk

    Think of it this way.

    1)I’m older than you and there are a bunch of us like that; that makes you a youngster in some people’s minds (however sound or unsound they may be)
    2)Nowadays 55 is the new 35 (or so I hear)
    3)Your dad is probably right (every once in a while)
    4)You don’t really have to have a birthday to realize, to know, that there are people who love you beyond reason (or perhaps even within reason)
    5)Humor and stamina probably go further than faith (but probably some would disagree)
    6)If your actual birth day wasn’t great, pick another day that is great and declare it your birthday

  4. Happy birthday…..and have a great year. Regards

  5. A little late but then again… HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY.
    love your dad’s message 🙂

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