Groundhogs DayFebruary is nonstop entertainment. First there’s Groundhog Day where grown men dress up like Lincoln and cuddle with the poor animal. This year the critter predicted an early spring. Who cares? I want it to tell us a few other things that might actually be useful like will we ever balance the budget, who wins best screenplay this year, and what the hell are Funyuns made of and why did I ever eat them?

Then there’s the Super Bowl, unplugged. Wow. That really threw a wrench into our snack schedule. Do you watch it for the game or the commercials and half-time show? Or do you take Tylenol PM and pull a pillow over your head?  My spouse surmised that the only thing missing from Beyoncé’s half-time show was the pole, and yet my 13-year-old daughter walked away saying, she seems like a good person, like she’ll be a good mom. Huh? This must be the key to Beyoncé’s success but it hurts my head to think about it.

If you are on the east coast like me, you had the pleasure of finding Nemo. I sat and watched the snow fall from my desk in the dining room (I know, strange place for a desk but it migrated from the basement for the winter). The storm was relentless, surreal, beautiful, and ferocious. A huge tree limb sits across the street like the bones of a prehistoric animal. The snow, seductive and heavy, had its way with this branch. The tree just sat there and watched, knowing it didn’t have a chance. My daughter stuck her ruler in the bird bath to see how much snow fell, but the storm was a gypsy whirling and dancing and twirling her scarves back and forth and around and around. A tiny stub of the ruler was left peeking out but there was actually almost two feet of snow when Nemo finally left us. Many households lost power and had a very rough go of it, but we were pretty lucky. The propane gas that fuels the stove ran out but we cooked in the microwave and crock pot, my spouse grilling in the garage, a flash light strapped to her head like a Minion. She also shoveled us out and helped a number of neighbors too because she is that type of person. You know, the one who will pull over if someone is in trouble or pick up a stray dog and find its home. I’m the nervous type, certain the person in trouble is really an axe murderer or that the dog has rabies.

After such a dramatic start to the month you would think we could just put our feet up and rest but that is simply not the case. Still to come are Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, Valentines Day (which is also International Condom Day, and I am not making that up), Presidents Day and Purim. And if that’s not enough I already watched the Grammys (I could absolutely leave my current life and follow Mumford and Sons around like Penny Lane in Almost Famous, although truthfully, at this point I am much more like the mother played by Frances McDormand in that movie so it might not work), and the Oscars coming on the 24th. I rarely go to the movies these days so I have no idea who to root for, but I will still watch them, celebrating with Prosecco or a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. I did see Silver Lining Playbook because of Matthew Quick. I’m a sucker for a writer-who-took-risks story. I haven’t read the book but will, because I think I can learn something. That’s what I’ve been doing a lot more of this month. Reading to learn as opposed to reading for pleasure. Luckily, the pleasure sneaks in regardless, and I have read some amazing books.

So much crammed into our shortest month. How are you celebrating?



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6 responses to “Febuparty

  1. Beyonce’s halftime gig was exhausting, and the multiple Beyonces too much of a muchness. Celebrities used to display their egos via well-lit close-ups and unconvincing modesty. Now the theme is: look at me! me! me! me! and everyone writing song lyrics with their names in third person, in case we might forget. It all seems so desperate. And that’s before we even talk about the end zone celebrations.

  2. WSW

    Hanging by my fingernails, waiting for spring.

  3. Here’s my first comment and I was motivated to leave it because you mentioned one of my favorite Guilty Pleasure movies–Almost Famous. I cried in one of the first scenes when the sister leaves home to become a flight attendant and bequeaths the main character her record collection. He flips though the albums and as I watched I realized that he was flipping through MY record collection and I started crying. Plus I adored Frances McDormand and Kate Hudson. I have a sense that you loved that movie too. Why?

    • Almost Famous is one of my all time favorites–the cast, the story, the writing, the angst, the time period, the comic timing, and the mother – that mother is me! How embarrassing!! But really, they are all a little me. Even the band member on the plane coming out when he thinks they’re going to crash! I think that’s how truly brilliant character development works – everyone can relate or deeply empathize.

      So good to see you here!

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