Ashes to Ashes

dusty houseWow. Look at this shabby old blog. I haven’t been here since December last year. When I tried to get on I got kicked off for using the wrong password. It is dusty and rusty around here, let me tell you. How do you add an image? Why is this font so small?

But the hell with it. Today the spirit moved me. In part because Betsy Lerner published her 1,000th blog post today and is writing a new book. I’m a shameless fan. Would bring her bagels every morning and dust the books in her library and walk her cat for her, but not in a creepy way.

And, I have plunged into a new writing program at Grub Street in Boston called The Novel Generator. I meet weekly with fourteen other lost souls to learn craft, to agonize, to workshop pages, and at the end of a nine month gestation period, to pop out a 360 page draft of a novel.

The instructor, Lisa Borders, must have a tool bag of superpowers (or a thermos of dry martinis) to get her through this undertaking. We are like a box of eager, hungry puppies vying for affection and food. Take me, adopt, me, listen to me, read me, love me. And yet we are warm and affable and so damn sincere and cute. We want to please and do this writing thing and be good at it. We can barely contain ourselves with nerves and insecurity and happiness. Thank God I have landed there because I have been in the desert for ages. Believe me, I am choking on sand trying to write around here. Even the computer is like, girl, you think you can just come back and type up on me?

I have no idea if anyone will read this thing – if it will show up again in your email or RSS feed or on Instagram or in some X-ray. But I think it is time. Writing winds are blowing. Shit is stirring up. Just a quick warning. Some of it may land on you.


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6 responses to “Ashes to Ashes

  1. Tulasi-Priya

    I’m watching/reading. Interestingly, I rejoined a writing group I belonged to years ago just last night. All the resistance and fears and insecurities involved in writing came bubbling up, but I have to learn to ignore them. I too am a fan of Betsy Lerner, but I sadly abandoned her blog for a while.

    I’m making a fresh start this month, hoping to get 100,000 words of any old crap of a first draft done before the end of the year, just to say I did it.

    And to be frank, this is probably the first time I opened an email from you since I subscribed. Maybe it’s the first one you’ve sent. So maybe something is in the air. Maybe it’s our turn to write a book. Best wishes.

  2. So glad you’re doing this. It was wonderful to see and write your blog again. Good luck and keep at it. You’re gonna write a doosy of a novel!

  3. smerk

    So I finally am reading Betsy Lerner’s ‘The Forest for the Trees’ – thanks for all the plugs.

    And your welcome mat – “Shit is stirring up…some of it may land on you” – is quite inviting. How could anyone not feel welcome?

    Looking forward to that novel.

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